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Jack Welch is a retired certified pharmacologist and general health expert with many years of experience.
He owns a very big drug store in Pasadena, California, USA.
He is, at present, a part-time blogger who also writes for several reputable health magazines (both online and print) all over the world.


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I'm not in the support of the assertion that Athletic Greens can substituteevery single supplement you may desire to consume. It is almost as four times costly as a lot of other greens powder and this could be for a number of consumers unaffordable. Keeping that in mind, it is among the most nutritious greens powders out there on the market. It does not contain minerals like magnesium and calcium and so should not substitute green and leafy vegetables in your nutrition. If the cost is not a bother, Athletic Greens could be an expedient source of several important nutrients.None of these products, however, have as many minerals and vitamins as Athletic Greens. Also, they usually comprise not even up to a third as much probiotics. Truly, Athletic Greens does serve as a supplement for vitamin C, probiotics, B-vitamins, K2, zinc, and antioxidants. You would possibly still save money compared to buying Athletic Greens if you were to purchase every single one of these supplements and consume them daily although it is worthy of note that there might be additional benefits to this greens powder that are not easy to tell given the sources of the ingredients.