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Dear Circulation Professional,

I hope you will enjoy this special free edition of LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service.
Let me share a few things about LMCIS. Our publication is a monthly printed product because we still believe in the power
of the printed word. Once a year we generate a web edition to use in our marketing and sales efforts.

We can trace our history back over 50 years. That is a long time helping circulation professionals, but that is what we do
every month. But don’t take our word for it; see what others have to say about LMCIS:

Graham Kimbrough, former SNPA Assistant Director and circulation professional. “I could always count on CIS to provide
me great sales and promotion ideas that I could tailor to my market.  I will say that you have definitely taken it to a higher
level. I wish you nothing but the best with LMCIS. It is a quality publication and always served me well when I was in the

Doug Davis, Former Corporate Director of Circulation and Human Resources Daytona Beach News Journal. “Circulation
executives are always looking for a resource which provides new ideas, a twist on what we have already done and a
medium that lets you see what's happening in the industry. The Circulation Idea Service publication is one of the sources I
consistently turn to. Steve and Christie Learn have taken this publication to new heights and this should be a must read
for all Circulation professionals.”  

Don Michel, - Anderson, Randles & Associates. “When I started out as a new Circulation Director back before many of
you "whippersnappers" were born, CIS became my "bible".  I have not missed a single issue since then.  I can't even
imagine the number of ideas that have been stolen, er, "adapted" from the publication during its existence, from
newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. What a tremendous instructional and leadership role CIS has provided for
circulation executives!

Tony LeBlanc, Circulation Director, Winnipeg Sun “I’d like to offer my congratulations and thank you to Christie Learn,
Ron Anderson, and to all the others before, for keeping this great publication fresh and insightful for so long. Based on
what this magazine has given to me, I can just imagine how many other circulation professionals benefited from it over the
past 50 years… from both sides of the border!

Jerry Bellune, publisher and business consultant from South Carolina. “… In a business as threatened as newspaper
publishing has become, it is refreshing to find people who are still willing to take a risk on a publication that can help our
industry survive this century."

Above and to the right you will find two files of the latest edition of LMCIS. They are large files so click one then go get you
a cup of coffee. When you return the file will be downloaded. Then click the next file and you will soon have the complete
magazine. Also, if you would like a hard copy just give us a call or email me.
At this time, I am offering a special starter rate of four months for the price of three. ($76) Plus, if you find that we don’t
pay our own way we will gladly refund the cost of your subscription. It’s easy to subscribe, just give us a call at 256-757-
6849 or email us at circulationidea@yahoo.com  and we can get you started receiving our magazine right away.

Thank you for taking time to look over our publication.

Christie G Learn
Editor and Publisher
LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service
526 Alabama St. Killen, Al 35645
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Hall Of Fame
Executive Search Press
Two Writers Added To LMCIS "All Star" Team
Circulation Executive Recruitment Services; Resumes
LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service will work with clients to help fill key circulation and marketing
executive positions.

If you are looking to fill a circulation executive position, please contact Steve or Christie Learn. Our recruitment
service is one of the best in the business. We know that your time is valuable, so we work hard to provide you with
pre-screened candidates with the best qualifications and experience to fit your needs.

Þ Since we regularly interact with newspapers and newspaper personnel across the country, we have many
outstanding networking contacts.

Þ We will discuss your needs and  provide you with all the details on how our recruitment service works.
Þ Our rates are reasonable and the fee payment structure is designed to work well with your budget.
Þ We work with you to help ensure that your new hire is successful.

We even throw in two free days of consulting if one of our recommended candidates is hired.

If you are looking to advance your own circulation career, please send us your resume (and at least three
professional references, if possible). Also, please include information about your job interest:

Þ The type of job for which you’re looking.
Þ Approximate desired annual compensation range.
Þ Size of newspaper preferred.
Þ Areas of the country to which you would and would not want to relocate.

The preferred way to provide your resume and other information is to EMAIL a document in Word format.     

Please send it to Steve Learn at the email address  circulationidea@yahoo.com  

You can also mail the information to:

Owner LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service
526 Alabama Street
Killen, Alabama 35645 Phone: 256.710.3390

 All resumes and inquiries are held in strictest  confidence.

  For more information about the executive search program or to find       

 out more about any current possible openings, please contact Steve.